Just a few examples of happy pet owners and what to expect from us.

“My dog, Zumi, loves Birch. Birch gets more kisses than I do. Zumi has walked with Birch and sometimes stayed with him for a whole day.  Zumi always comes home happy, tired and well cared for. We have used Birch since Zumi was a pup, 3 years. I highly recommend Birch for all your dog care needs.”
-Joni B.

“Hunter loves to go out with Birch. I take Hunter around the neighborhood frequently but Birch comes by twice a week to take him on a more rigorous hike in the American River Canyon or for a swim at Rattlesnake Bar. I feel safe using Birch for this service. Hunter is so happy to see Birch when he comes over!” – Mike K.

“I’ve been very happy with Birch since 2014. He comes by three times a week to check in on my dog, Shasta, while I’m at work. I’m gone all day and I like to have Birch come by and let Shasta use the bathroom, check her water and play with her in the yard for a half an hour. I feel better knowing that Shasta gets looked in on and played with while I’m away. It provides her with the exercise and company she otherwise wouldn’t get while I’m at work. Birch is trustworthy, punctual and kind.” – Jackie N.

“Jack loves to walk and play with Birchs’ dogs. He’s the only dog at home and so he really enjoys the company of the other dogs. Birch will come by and take Jack on a walk outside of the neighborhood with some of his dogs. Jack loves to play with all the dogs and especially Big Red. They play hard! We’re happy knowing that Jack is getting the socialization with other dogs that he needs and loves. He goes crazy when he sees Birchs’ 4Runner out front. I recommend Four Dogs Walking for anyone in a single dog home. – Aaron & Michelle L.

“I’m not as young as I used to be and I need Birch to take my little girl, Nellie, for a harder walk than I can give her. She’s 7 and needs to move faster than I am able to go. She loves Banjo! Birch is kind and Nellie thinks he’s the best.” – Mary W.

“Cooper is always thrilled to see Birch and the other dogs. He used to be somewhat timid around other dogs but now he’s much better. Sometimes he goes out for a walk and sometimes I have Birch bring over a couple of his dogs to play at my house. We don’t like the dog park because some of the dogs there are sketchy to us. Birchs’ dogs are delightful!” – Todd and Lauren C.